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Did you know that 45% of the population has some type of orthodontic concern? And among that percentage, four million orthodontic patients in the United States treat their problem with braces. Braces certainly have earned a high reputation, and it’s easy to see how. As the most reliable and accurate orthodontics procedure to straighten teeth, improve bite and alignment, and correct jaw growth, braces truly can do it all. That’s why here at Children’s Dentistry of Coral Springs, we take pride in providing braces for all of our patients.

To learn more about braces and how to get your child or teenager excited about their treatment, please read below! When you visit our Coral Springs, FL office, our experienced orthodontist team will walk you both through the entire process. This is the first step towards a straighter smile.

When Does Treatment With Braces Begin?

At Children’s Dentistry of Coral Springs, we ideally begin working with children at the age of seven to start identifying their needs for orthodontic treatment. In the event that we determine your child needs braces, we will start planning and preparing over the next few years before initiating the actual treatment plan. 

Braces are usually applied between the ages of nine and fourteen; at this age range, children tend to have most or all of their permanent teeth, so it is the perfect time to begin guiding and straightening their smile. However, if your child is older, braces can still be used to correct any misalignment. There is no set age at which you are no longer eligible for braces. This treatment is perfectly suitable for everyone!

Getting Your Child Excited About Treatment

Once it’s been confirmed that your child will need braces, it’s important to begin familiarizing them with the appliance, as well as the purpose behind the treatment. By explaining the benefits of braces, such as improved self-confidence and a beautiful smile, children may be more likely to become excited about the process. Also, allowing them to pick out the color of their braces can add an element of fun!

Braces For Every Age & Cosmetic Demand

At Children’s Dentistry of Coral Springs, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to feel confident in their smile—all the way through orthodontic treatment. That’s why we offer a variety of braces for children of every age! While we know many children are excited to begin wearing their colorful bands and shiny brackets, our older patients may be seeking something more discreet. 

Feel free to browse the options below to learn more about the braces available at our office.

Traditional Metal Braces

Perhaps the most common type of braces, these metallic brackets and wires are designed to apply constant pressure to the teeth over time, eventually realigning them into the desired position. The application process involves attaching a metal bracket to each of the teeth and then connecting the brackets with an archwire. The archwire is attached to the brackets by a colorful elastic band that can be changed every visit. 

During each adjustment appointment, our orthodontist will check the patient’s bite and tighten the wire to create more pressure and tension. Over time, this pressure will guide the movement of the teeth and lead them into the proper position.

Clear (Ceramic) Braces

Similar to traditional braces, ceramic treatments rely on brackets and wires to reposition the teeth. However, instead of metal, the brackets are made out of a ceramic material that blends in with the tooth color. The entire appliance is made to appear camouflaged and less noticeable, providing a more aesthetically pleasing look. 

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